Mapi trekking Peru is a Peruvian travel agency specialized in trekking, We offer a wide variety of excursions that include Inca trails or alternative excursions, and packages in the Amazon rainforest, as well as visits from all over Peru. Excellent quality of personalized service and outdoor camping trips.


To continue offering a quality service, with a large human group trained from a high level of camping equipment, top excursions. To create in our visitors and in ourselves respect and admiration for the legacy of the Inca culture and philosophy, their respect and love of nature highly recommended.


Started in 2010 and quickly grown to be one of the best agencies in Lima thanks to our dedication to providing excellent service.

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It was started by Apu, who has lived in the Andes for almost his entire life. He was born in Lima But at his young age he went to live in Cusco where he worked for many years in the Inca Trail, first as a porter and tour guide. His love for the mountains and Nature made him fall in love with the Andes.


Mapi trekking Peru is owned in Lima and Cusco, Peru locally. Our goal is to provide the best and most genuine tour of unconventional places as well as in Lima and the entire Andes. We are here to meet all your needs and through our range of different tours, we are sure that we can find a tour that suits what you want.


One of the main objectives of Mapi trekking Peru is to support the local community through creating jobs, sustainable tourism.




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